Bouctouche is the birthplace of Kenneth Collin (K..C.) Irving, of the Irving Dynasty.  It has a population of five thousand people and is located along the Bouctouche River, which flows into the Northumberland Strait.

This is also the inspirational birthplace of La Sagouine Antonine Maillet, who created this wise and colourful character.  Her mythical community has come to life in Le Pays de la Sagouine, a theme park on an island in the city’s harbour calling to mind events that took place early in this century.

Nearby are the dunes of Bouctouche, an ecosystem of international stature and home to rare plants and fragile marshes.

The first funeral home in Bouctouche was established in the early 1960s by Henry Tobias in an older home situated on Irving Boulevard (Main Street).

Several years earlier, Tobias had purchased Richard Funeral Home in Shediac from Severain Richard. When he opened in Bouctouche, he ran his business under the name of Richard Funeral Home, together with Severain Richard.  Funeral Director Tobias ran both establishments for several years.

Bouctouche has one of the largest Roman Catholic churches in the  Moncton Diocese, with a seating capacity of twelve hundred.  It’s estimated that nearly ninety-eight percent of the city residents are of the Roman Catholic faith.

On September,1971, Yvon Maillet,then having been the caretaker at the Saint Jean Baptiste Roman Catholic Church for eighteen years, became a full time employee of Richard Funeral Home, Bouctouche.

Married to Janita Richard, and the father of six children, it was an interesting career change at the age of forty-one years.  Maillet was registered as an apprentice embalmer and, with a lot of hard work and determination,became a licensed funeral director\embalmer.

Maillet was a Richard employee for less than a month when he lost a sister. New to his profession, dealing with grieving families was hard, but harder still when it was one of his own.

On May 1,1975, Maillet purchased Richard Funeral Home in Bouctouche and changed to Maison Funeraire Maillet Funeral Home Ltd.

Four of his six children  became licensed funeral directors/embalmers.  The eldest daughter ,Lisette Maillet-Surette is a 1974 graduate of the New England Institute of Anatomy, Sanitary Science, Embalmer and Funeral Directing.  She later became a licensed funeral director/embalmer in her home province.

Three Maillet sons:  Jacques, Luc and Desire, completed high school,registered  as apprentices and later became funeral directors and embalmers with the family firm.

Patrick Maillet maintained his funeral home at his residence at 70 Irving Boulevard, Bouctouche for several years.  He chose t move his house to a lot by the shore in 1990,where he had his dsummer residence for several years.

In June1991, the construction of a new funeral home began at 29 Church .  After sixteen years of operating from a residence-made-home,Maillet had the  pleasure of cutting the ribbon during the official opening of his new funeral home on November 24,1991.

Yvon is actively involved in community organizations like Knights of Columbus and several others while daughter,Lisette,is a member of the New Brunswcik Funeral Directorsand Embalmers Aassociation and  has been on the New Brunswick Board for Registration of Embalmers and Funeral Directors since 1988.  She has also been  involved in the Atlantic Provinces Funeral Directors and Service Convention since 1986 and secretary since 1989 missing the years 1994 and 1995-which were given to the National convention in Saint John.

Maillets are also members of the Funeral Service Association of Canada and the Canadian-Independent group.